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A Patient Resolve

A Patient Resolve is the second album I produced as Headless Monkey Attack. It includes live video processing using the webcam on my laptop.

Latency in the System

Latency in the System is the EP-length debut album by Headless Monkey Attack. The five tracks form one larger musical work, so I encourage you to listen to the whole thing at once. (It's set up as a playlist, so playing the first track will queue all five.)

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Is Latency in the System available for download or purchase anywhere?

Not yet. For now it's only available as streaming audio and in live performance.

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Wait, I thought this was a live electronic project?

Each recording here represents one performance of the track. I performed multiple takes of each track. (I even practiced a little!) These are only recordings of the electronic component, which can stand alone, but can be also be combined with other performing forces.

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